Summer in the UK, yet, it’s still not quite the same as the Mediterranean. When the wind blows here, it still blows with a chill, but who’d have thought that there are some winds off the shores of Italy that act as a key ingredient in creating some of the world’s most underrated wines.

Discover the crystal blue shores, the vibrant, rich and radiant sunsets and the renowned hospitality of Sardinia. Life is slower, and so is the wine, it’s made with passion, love and legacy, fortified by the “Maistrali” wind, which protects vines up and down the Island, adding a one-of-a-kind flavour profile, sea salt caresses your taste buds with every sip of wine from this Island.

Kissed By The Mistral Wind

Discover orange wines, sparkling wines, rose, red wines, white wines, and dessert wines that will grab you by the hand and lead you to the Med to explore this enchanting place with all the depth and complexity of its wines. Wines you know and some you don’t, another journey of uncovering the roots of Italy, top to tail with The Italian Wine Shop. Always drink responsibly and salute.