Noussan – Vino Atto A Valle D’Aosta – Pinot Nero 2020

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Noussan – Vino Atto A Valle D’Aosta – Pinot Nero 2020

This wine is a UK exclusive

Tell me about this wine…

Pinot Nero is a strong and noble grape, she’s formidable which is why she thrives in the alpine environment but she is tough to grow. However Franco Noussan, with his abundant knowledge has cultivated one of the finest examples of this red wine. This is an excellent “Summer” red, light, fruity and full of personality, maybe even served slightly below room temperature and preferably looking out over some stunning vista in a deck chair! Would make a great BBQ, garden party red!

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Noussan- Vino Atto A Valle D’Aosta- Pinot Nero 2020

This Wine Is A UK Exclusive

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

Meet Franco Noussan and the whole Noussan family, truly embodying the art of family-run vineyards. This family have created the most picturesque and quaint environment in which is make wine, their true labour of love. Fun fact, Franco used to work for the DOC certification board, so you know that when he came to selling his wine commercially, and overseas, ensuring his wines had the DOC stamp of approval was at the top of the to-do list. However, regardless of the DOC certification, which only further demonstrates the legacy of love, care and affection that has gone into the production of all the varieties of Noussans wine, he is also one of the few cantinas making natural wines. Like many of our Aosta Valley producers, they are making French wines, the Italian way, and sometimes, spiced with grapes indigenous to the Aosta Valley, which only serve to elevate wines you know well with a flare that is unmistakably and quintessentially Italian; With love, with legacy, with heritage and with family. Natural wines to be enjoyed, not on ceremony but to amplify experiences with your favourite people.




100% Pinot Nero



Serve With…

This is a red than can be served with fish. We don’t play by the rules anyway, drink red how you like but if you want a red to pair with fish or that elevates vegan dishes, this is the one!

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