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Noussan – Vino Atto A Valle D’Aosta – Pinot Gris 2021

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Tell me about this wine….

We like to keep wine simple, so straight out the gate – let’s be clear, Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are the same thing, “What’s in a name ? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet”. Pinot Grigio is simply the Italian name for the grape. Now you might well be thinking, why is this wine from Noussan not called Pinot Grigio ? Well – it comes back to the history of the terroir. The Aosta Valley shares a border with France and like every other wine, from this cantina specifically, and indeed all the wines we stock from this area, you will find French influences that permeate all the wines, both in flavour & in legacy. We’d say, though, don’t focus on the name – instead, focus on the heritage of this grape and how fabulous this wine is. Noussan’s Pinot Gris smells of bold exotic fruits, which is such a wonderful contrast to the geography – from the mountainside vineyards to the palm trees of tropical islands. This wine has excellent minerality, good acidity, it’s zesty, fresh and dangerously quaffable. You can even age this for 2 to 3 years (store laying down) to add an extra layer of complexity to this otherwise delicate wine.

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Noussan- Vino Atto A Valle D’Aosta- Pinot Gris 2021

This Wine Is A UK Exclusive

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

Meet Franco Noussan and the whole Noussan family, truly embodying the art of family-run vineyards. This family have created the most picturesque and quaint environment in which is make wine, their true labour of love. Fun fact, Franco used to work for the DOC certification board, so you know that when he came to selling his wine commercially and overseas, ensuring his wines had the DOC stamp of approval was at the top of the to-do list. However, regardless of the DOC certification, which only further demonstrates the legacy of love, care and affection that has gone into the production of all the varieties of Noussans wine, he is also one of the few cantinas making natural wines. Like many of our Aosta Valley producers, they are making French wines, the Italian way, and sometimes, spiced with grapes indigenous to the Aosta Valley, which only serve to elevate wines you know well with a flare that is unmistakably and quintessentially Italian; With love, with legacy, with heritage and with family. Natural wines to be enjoyed, not on ceremony but to amplify experiences with your favourite people.




100% Pinot Gris



Serve With…

Franco and his wife told us that this wine works best with strong cheeses. If you want an experience of the Aosta Valley, serve this wine with Fontina cheese.

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