Musita- Passocalcara- Classic Method Sparkling


Tell me about this wine….

A sparkling sensation that captures the essence of Sicilian elegance. Crafted using the traditional method, it offers notes of citrus, green apple, and a delicate minerality. This wine is a celebration of Sicily’s sparkling tradition, making it perfect for toasting special moments or pairing with seafood and appetizers. Raise your glass and experience the effervescent beauty of Sicilian winemaking with Passocalcara Metodo Classico, not to be reserved for those special occasions but instead life’s little luxuries like seeing friends or that it’s Saturday!

Musita- Passocalcara- Classic Method Sparkling

This wine is a UK exclusives

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

A dream come true for the family at Musita, owned and run by 2 brothers and two sisters who have passed on their story and passion to their children & grandchildren. Musita is a combination of family & territory, located on the hills in Salemi on the west side of Sicily, where the territory expresses history & culture and where vineyards are the characteristic feature. The hilly terrain of the area, as well as the properties of the climatic conditions & soils, make it ideal for the cultivation of grapes, in particular white grapes, whose rows lie in long expanses as far as the eye can see, like those that frame the hills of Musita. Enjoy the Catarratto as it fully expresses the grapes and characteristics of this beautiful corner in Sicily.




100% Chardonnay



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Oysters? Yes! Or dare you pair this wine with friend chicken or fast food, also yes!

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