Mulleri- Cenere- Rosso IGT


Tell me about this wine….

Part of our “meditation wine” series, Cenere is a wine to drink with friends as you put the world to rights.  The Carignano grape is a Sardinian grape of Spanish origin, arriving in Sardinia during the rule of the Aragons in the 14th century but has found its home in the warm and dry climes of the deep south of Sardinia. This grape produces a wine so deep and rich in colour, with medium-full body, good tannins and a burst of flavour. Spicey yet juicy and oh-so-delicious. Mulleri makes all his wines unfiltered, offering a unique exploration of old-school natural wine production creating a red with character and Sardina sass!

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Mulleri- Cenere- Rosso IGT

Mulleri wines are UK exclusives and our Staff Picks! 

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

Here at The Italian Wine Shop, we hand-select a certain type of winemaker. Winemakers who make wine firstly that they want to drink, not wine that will sell a million bottles on mass, but wine that fills their hearts with joy. This concept is perfectly embodied with Gianluca Mulleri and his wife, Daniella Mulleri, the couple behind Mulleri Vineyard. They make wine at the intersection of history and philosophy. They are one of only two wine markers in Sardinia making orange wine; their entire range is unfiltered and an ode to old-school skin contact winemaking. Inspired by art, philosophy and literature, particularly that of Sardinian heroine Grazia Deledda, they make wine that encourages you to explore these topics. A glass of their truly soulful wine will have you getting deep and meaningful in conversation, the type of evenings where you feel genuinely fulfilled and joyful.




100% Carignano



Serve With…

Worship the earth with this wine, think mushrooms, deep and earthy broths and sauces or meats that have flavour and character to stand alongside Cenere. We are also totally in support of drinking wines like this on their own too, watching the world go by. Let Cenere breathe a little, would be good to decant.

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