Judeka-Baglio Delle Fate- Insolia Terre Siciliane


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Insolia Terre Siciliane is a white wine that unveils the elegance and sophistication of Sicily’s terroir. Crafted from the Insolia grape, this wine offers a refined and aromatic experience. With traditional vinification, the Insolia grapes are carefully handled, preserving their delicate flavours and floral notes. The result is a wine that embodies the essence of Sicilian charm, making it a perfect companion for elegant dining and special occasions. Raise a glass of Insolia Terre Siciliane and let its graceful character transport you to Sicily’s gentle landscapes, where history and tradition merge into a glass of pure elegance.

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Judeka-Baglio Delle Fate- Insolia Terre Siciliane

Judeka wines are UK exclusives

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

Located in the countryside of mainland Sicily where the terrain is a mixture of red sand & clay, on the hills of Caltagirone; the home & capital of traditional ceramics. Judeka is a “Green Cantina”, the owners focus on respect for nature and the vines, using organic farming techniques. They believe that transparency is fundamental and they want the whole world to see how they work. This cantina originates from a place called “heart” because the heart expresses each of their passions and their passion is wine! Judeka’s message to us all is “everything that comes from the heart is possible”. Their wines taste incredible and the bottles are stunning too, you can taste and see their passion in every bottle, such a pleasure to drink in good company and also a very special gift idea.




100% Insolia



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Pair with luxurious risotto and light pasta dishes, with vegetables and soft cheeses

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