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Grosjean – Clairet 2021


Tell me about this wine….

Step into a realm of red wine reimagined with Clairet, from the Grosjean family’s vineyard. Nestled in the valleys of Valle d’Aosta, this vibrant creation pays homage to a classic Bordeaux grape, transformed into a distinct Italian expression of elegance. With each sip, journey through layers of flavour that reveal the essence of the Alps: ripe berries kissed by the mountain sun, hints of spice carried on Alpine breezes, and a whisper of earthy richness from the rocky soil. Clairet beckons you to embrace tradition with a twist, inviting you to savour the complexities of this Italian mountain red in every glass.

Grosjean – Clairet 2021

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

“Wine is an experience to be shared, it is not an experience to be made alone. When you open a bottle, it’s like reading a new book, you see adventure, you see a story and every bottle is a new story for me” – Simone Grosjean.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. The Italians really are rather poetic, and we love it! Grosjean is a vineyard rooted in heritage and family, that’s a formidable combination when it comes to wine. The vines have been handed down from generation to generation but fast forward to the 60’s and the grandfather of Simone took his wine to market. Turns out, it was pretty good, he tells us, better than simply just family table wine. Then from one market to the next, Grosjean Vini grew while the sons and daughters continued to innovate and experiment with wines, turning this vineyard into one that takes heritage, and makes art. Simone tells us, they make French wines in the Italian way, yet they are not limited by history and French wine culture, they can turn all the good parts of French wines, the legacy, the experience and, with Italian style, create new, fresh and exciting wines that are almost ‘new world’ in their spirit, that can reach all corners of the world. To enjoy a bottle of Grosjean wines is to have a little slice of this family in your heart.




100% Clairet



Serve With…

A firm member of the “Sunday Wine” series this wine is to be paired with anything you’d pair a Bordeaux red with, a stunning steak au poivre or entrecôte.

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