Cave Mont Blanc – Blanc de Morgex – Glacier Pas Dosé 2019


Tell me about this wine….

If you were on the hunt for an easy drinking fizz to enjoy in good company without requiring a small business loan, this is the one for you. The name “Glacier” is a perfect fit as it truly embodies its sharp flavour, with delicate bubbles, made in the Pas Dosé method, meaning a cleaner and more authentic representation of the wine itself. Less sugar, leaving a fresh yet complex flavour. The wine transports you atop a Glacier, tasting refined & elegant, without the price tag. The colour is stunning, almost green with notes of crisp apple and almond on the nose, but well-rounded on the palate with a taste of figs and citrus. It’s a corker of a fizz and a great way to explore different variations of classic sparkling method wines.

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Cave Mont Blanc- Vallée D’Aoste DOC Blanc De Morgex Et De La Salle Metodo Classico – Glacier Pas Dosé 2019

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

There is something quite stunning about vines that grow in such inhospitable climes; they’re fortified, formidable, nestled at the foot of raw and rugged mountains, wines like these taste, well, different – fresh, crisp, yet full of character. Cave Mont Blanc can be found in the stunning Aosta valley in North West Italy, where the border of Switzerland, France and Italy meet, and home to the highest vineyards in Europe. You find wine cultures collide creating an environment to collaborate; Cave is a consortium of 67 families who offer time, expertise and love to create wine and fizzes that will radicalise your pallet and turn you into a high-altitude wine evangelist. We are certainly evangelical about Cave Mont Blanc for their commitment, their passion for agriculture and of course, their delicious sparkling wines.




100% Prié Blanc, Blanc de Morgex.


Between 11.5% and 12.5%

Serve With…

The Glacier Pas Dosé 2019 pairs super well with meaty fish. Try with a grilled tuna (just seared on the outside) or a monkfish or perhaps even an oily fish, and the sharpness will cut through. However, this fizz stands up on its own for a pre-dinner drink with some delicious cured meats.

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