Cantina Li Seddi- Li Chittu- Passito Rosso DOC


Tell me about this wine….

There is something so special about this dessert wine, made from the rich and illustrious red wine grape Cannonau which gives this wine the deepest colour which is almost spiritual to behold. Notice the intense and complex aroma, a marine scent from the mistral wind caressing the vines. On the palate, you’ll be enamoured with ripe dark forest fruits, cinnamon and vanilla.  A total showstopper.

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Cantina Li Seddi- Li Chittu- Passito Rosso DOC

Cantina Li Seddi wines are UK exclusives

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

When the sun, the sea and the sand kiss the vines, magic happens. With deep ancestral roots in the wine-making epicentre of Badesi in Northern Sardinia comes Cantina Li Seddi, a family-run cantina creating wines synonymous with the Island. What we know of the classics such as Cannonau and Vermentino is re-imagined, reinvented and redesigned by the Li Seddi family as they innovate with these varieties to create delectable organic wines. With the Mistral wind bringing in the salt from the sea, protecting the vines and maintaining this most unique character profile, they make chemical free old school wines like the family members gone before and no doubt will do for generations to come.




100% Cannonau di Sardegna



Serve With…

Anytime of the year, this dessert wine is an excellent way to round out a meal, we’d recommend you serve it with a dessert that have dark fruits or chocolate like a torte.

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