Cantina Li Duni-Spumante Li Junchi Rosè IGT


Tell me about this wine….

This is one elegant wine. Forget what you know about sparkling rose wines, this Spumante Li Junchi by Cantina Li Duni offers you a bouquet you’ll recognize such as red fruits, wild strawberries, and pomegranate with rose and violet perfumes. But then the unique virtues of this libation come from the unmistakable taste;  intense, creamy and saltiness perfectly balanced with sugar with a little spice like when you add a little fresh chilli to a dish which is complimentary of the wild strawberries. Pair this with raw fish to impress whoever you’re dining with.

Cantina Li Duni-Spumante Li Junchi Rosè IGT

Cantina Li Duni wines are UK exclusives

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

Li Duni was born of passion. Like all great ideas, it came up from friends and family enjoying wine and realising that through their love of the wine itself, perhaps they should try making wine, the kind of wine they’d drink? After all, wine was in their blood, in their soil; Badesi is, afterall a legacy wine-making town.
Fast forward to the present day and with a mix of ancient vines and new vines fortified by the terroir, they are creating wines that are blessed by the sea and the sand, cared for by the wind and lovingly watched over by the families that care so deeply for their wines. Enjoy Vermentino’s, Cannona’s and sparkling wines that will have you wanting to celebrate every little joy in life for a reason to open them!




Mixed native red grapes, including Cannonau di Sardegna



Serve With…

This wine is delicious paired with tuna tartar or raw fish. Very good with savoury pastry too, like an onion and goats cheese tart.

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