Ballasanti- Il Sublime Etna Rosso DOCG


Tell me about this wine….

Il Sublime by Ballasanti is a wine of exquisite beauty and grace. Made from carefully selected grapes, it presents a symphony of red fruit flavors, subtle floral notes, and a hint of vanilla. This wine is an invitation to indulge in Sicily’s refined elegance, making it a perfect companion for fine dining, special celebrations, or romantic evenings. Il Sublime embodies the essence of Sicilian artistry, where winemaking becomes poetry in a glass. Let this wine elevate your moments and transport you to the heart of Sicily’s sophistication.

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Ballasanti- Il Sublime Etna Rosso DOCG

Ballasanti wines are UK exclusives

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

Located on the feet of Mount Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano, where the land is enriched with volcanic eruptions, the air smells of citrus & gardenia and the views are jaw-dropping to say the least. The terroir here is rare and unique, it’s an overall mix of decomposed lava, ash and sand, but also close to the sea, all of which contribute to the intense flavours of the 3 special Etna wines produced by Manuela and her husband Fabio. The wines are rich & explosive, just like the volcano, they taste earthy, minerally yet pleasantly acidic. Tenute Ballasanti is a true reflection of Sicily; beauty, family, intensity, love, mountain air, sun and sea.




100% Nerello Mascalese



Serve With…

This wine is a Sunday wine. A wine to be served with a rich ragu, a lasagna or a roast!

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