Andrea Barbieri – 945 2021 – Fumin, Cornalin, Petit Rouge


Tell me about this wine….

945 is another top-shelf red wine from the Andrea Barbieri vineyard with less than 800 bottles made in this vintage, you know you have something special. A true meeting of cultures between French and Italian styles, with native grapes from the Aosta Valley and France, made in a French style making the wine robust, strong & complex, yet with an Italian flare, this wine is impossibly smooth and a absolute pleasure to drink. With notes of wild forest berries on the nose, turning into deep tobacco, rich cherries and plums on the palate. This is a skin-contact red wine which offers an added depth which fills your mouth with flavour and fills your soul with joy. This is a red wine for red wine lovers, for those who almost worship it; it’s a meditative act to drink a bottle of 945.

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Andrea Barbieri- 945 2021- Fumin, Cornalin, Petit Rouge

This Wine Is A UK Exclusive & Staff Selection

Tell Me About This Vineyard….

Andrea Barbieri is one of the most promising young winemakers in Italy. We do not say that lightly. We have a special place in our hearts for Andrea for many reasons – Firstly, his youth offers him frictionless innovation in his wines, taking inspiration from France and turning traditional wines into exciting experimental Italian wines that are cult classics in the making, all from a tiny unit in Aosta. Now, here is the big reason why these wines are so unique – every bottle from his collection is not only a UK exclusive, it’s an exclusive even outside a 20-mile radius of his winery. Andrea only makes around 1000 bottles of each of his wines yearly, and we have 10% of them. On the back of every bottle, you will see the bottle number, handwritten by Andrea and his Mum. This is a little bottle of everyday luxury, something no one else has, that tastes absolutely out of this world.

Surrounded by raw and rugged mountains, we have Andrea, a passionate guy who loves wine, doing what winemakers do best, creating drinkable art. To buy a bottle of Andrea’s wine is to experience something new and exciting. Every sip brings invigoration and regeneration; just a little of Andea’s infectious spirit lives in every pour. So watch this space; this certainly won’t be our last collection with him.

All their wines are neither filtered nor clarified. A minimum amount of sulfur is added pre-bottling.




50% Fumin, 25% Cornalin, 25% Petit rouge



Serve With…

We are accidentally creating a mini-series called “Sunday Wines”. The 945 has earnt its place in this category. Serve with a meat platter of cured meets from the Aosta valley or stews, the kind of dishes that cook for hours.

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