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6 x Ultimate Orange Wine Collection


Tell me about this wine….

The ultimate blend of 3 incredible regions, Sicily, Aosta and Sardinia, an exploration of the mastery of orange wine. This sensational box of 6 wines will take you on a journey through ancient wine-making traditions from a group of diverse winemakers who bring the best of orange wine to the forefront. A totally unmissable box, a must-have!

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What Does This Box Include?

Mulleri- Chiaroscuro- Orange IGT

Another meditation wine, a glass will result in long talks about life and love. Maybe this is because of the burst of passion fruit on the nose, the exotic fruits like a breath of tropical air on the pallet, these notes are carried through with a pinch of salination that binds these stunning flavours together.

Mulleri- Giaffa- Orange Vigna Vecchia

22-day maceration on the skins in a steel tank, then aged for three months; despite a lot of orange wines being a little unstable, young wines that need drinking right away, instead, Giaffa uses the superior grape selection of the native Sardinian grape Nurgus, creating a slower wine, give it time and enjoy the white store fruit scent and taste of apricots, rhubarb and blossom.

Andrea Barbieri – Etienne 2021- 100% Muller Thurgau

Muller Thurgau is a stunning white wine at the best of times, but you leave those grape skins on, and magic happens, heightening the perfumes and taste to become a wine that is a true exploration of the grape and of the terroir. A true representation of the cold but sunny climate and the high altitude landscape makes this wine crisp, fresh yet deep and complex.

Elio’s- Katamacerato- Catarratto Orange Wine

This Catarratto Orange Wine, is a revelation for the senses. Crafted with ancient winemaking techniques, it showcases notes of apricots, nuts, and a subtle minerality. This wine’s captivating amber color is a reflection of Sicily’s rich history and tradition.

Elio’s-Modus Bibendi- Bianco

This wine is a true Sicilian gem, blending Catarratto, Zibibbo, and Grillo grapes in an unforgettable experience. With vibrant orange hues and a unique profile, it’s a wine that challenges convention. Notes of dried fruits, honey, and a hint of spice make each sip an adventure.

Mulleri- Chiaroscuro- Orange Frizzante

Another absolute one-of-a-kind wine from Gianluca Mulleri. Not only is it made with a native Sardinian grape turned orange wine but this is a sparkling orange wine. A celebration wine with a twist!

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