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Tell me about this winemaker….

Here at The Italian Wine Shop, we hand-select a certain type of winemaker. Winemakers who make wine firstly that they want to drink, not wine that will sell a million bottles on mass, but wine that fills their hearts with joy. This concept is perfectly embodied with Gianluca Mulleri and his wife, Daniella Mulleri, the couple behind Mulleri Vineyard. They make wine at the intersection of history and philosophy. They are one of only two wine markers in Sardinia making orange wine; their entire range is unfiltered and an ode to old-school skin contact winemaking. Inspired by art, philosophy and literature, particularly that of Sardinian heroine Grazia Deledda, they make wine that encourages you to explore these topics. A glass of their soulful wine will get you deep and meaningful in conversation, the type of evenings where you feel genuinely fulfilled and joyful.

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What Does This Box Include?

Mulleri- Chiaroscuro- Orange IGT

Another meditation wine, a glass will result in long talks about life and love. Maybe this is because of the burst of passion fruit on the nose, the exotic fruits like a breath of tropical air on the pallet, these notes are carried through with a pinch of salination that binds these stunning flavours together.

Mulleri- Giaffa- Orange Vigna Vecchia

22-day maceration on the skins in a steel tank, then aged for three months; despite a lot of orange wines being a little unstable, young wines that need drinking right away, instead, Giaffa uses the superior grape selection of the native Sardinian grape Nurgus, creating a slower wine, give it time and enjoy the white store fruit scent and taste of apricots, rhubarb and blossom.

Mulleri- Chiaroscuro- Orange Frizzante

Another absolute one-of-a-kind wine from Gianluca Mulleri. Not only is it made with a native Sardinian grape turned orange wine but this is a sparkling orange wine. A celebration wine with a twist!

Mulleri- Chiaroscuro- Rosso IGT

Another unfiltered skin contact natural red that’s dynamic, full of complexity and depth. Described by Gianluca and his wife Daniella as a “Super Sardinian”, a red with personality that could compete with a Super Tuscan in terms of body, tannins and interest. Another meditation wine and one that is perfectly suited to a slow Sunday. This wine is one in a million, jammy and spicey, with layers of tobacco and stewed fruit. A blend of Cab sav and cagnulari.

Mulleri- Cenere- Rosso IGT

Part of our “meditation wine” series, Cenere is a wine to drink with friends as you put the world to rights.  The Carignano grape is a Sardinian grape of Spanish origin, arriving in Sardinia during the rule of the Aragons in the 14th century but has found its home in the warm and dry climes of the deep south of Sardinia. This grape produces a wine so deep and rich in colour, with medium-full body, good tannins and a burst of flavour. Spicey yet juicy and oh-so-delicious.

Mulleri- Chiaroscuro- Bianco Nuragus di Cagliari DOC

This unfiltered skin-contact white wine is dangerously easy drinking.  A blend made in heaven, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc join the native Sardinian Nurgus to offer notes of wood and richness vanilla notes, perfectly complimenting the floral and citrus notes of Nuragus.

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