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Located in the countryside of mainland Sicily where the terrain is a mixture of red sand & clay, on the hills of Caltagirone; the home & capital of traditional ceramics. Judeka is a “Green Cantina”, the owners focus on respect for nature and the vines, using organic farming techniques. They believe that transparency is fundamental and they want the whole world to see how they work. This cantina originates from a place called “heart” because the heart expresses each of their passions and their passion is wine! Judeka’s message to us all is “everything that comes from the heart is possible”. Their wines taste incredible and the bottles are stunning too, you can taste and see their passion in every bottle, such a pleasure to drink in good company and also a very special gift idea.

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What Does This Box Include?

Judeka- Sant Agathae Etna Rosso- DOC

Santagathae by Judeka is a wine of elegance and depth. Crafted from Nero d’Avola and Syrah grapes, it’s a tribute to the heart of Sicily. With rich dark fruit flavors, hints of chocolate, and a touch of Mediterranean herbs, it’s a velvety journey through Sicilian terroir. This wine embodies the island’s warm embrace and passionate spirit, making it perfect for special occasions and moments of indulgence.

Judeka- Frarosa

Experience the allure of Frarosa, a Frappato wine that dances with spontaneity and grace. Bursting with red berry flavors, a touch of wildflowers, and a gentle effervescence, it’s a joyful celebration of Sicily’s spirit. This lively wine is perfect for those who seek the unexpected, offering a sensory journey filled with laughter and delight. The delicate bubbles feel like a treat and utterly unique.

Judeka- Blandine

Blandine, a delightful blend of Müller Thurgau, Viognier e Zibibbo, embodies the essence of Sicilian charm and elegance. With floral notes and a burst of tropical fruits, it’s as captivating as a Mediterranean sunset. This wine is a sensory journey through orchards laden with ripe peaches and citrus groves kissed by the sun.

Judeka- Frabianco

Frappato Vino Bianco by Judeka is a wine of playful sophistication. This unique expression of the Frappato grape showcases vibrant fruitiness, reminiscent of ripe green apple and basil. Its pale hue hides a world of flavor, evoking the essence of a Sicilian garden in bloom. Whether you’re savouring it on a warm afternoon or pairing it with light Mediterranean dishes, this wine brings a touch of whimsy to every occasion with it’s very gentle sparkle, the lightest bubbles enhance the flavours. Let its lively spirit transport you to the heart of Sicily.

Judeka- Baglio Delle Fate- Syrah

Syrah Terre Siciliane I.G.P. is a wine that harmoniously blends the soul of Sicily with the allure of the Syrah grape. This wine is an ode to the island’s rich terroir and its ability to produce wines of international acclaim. Crafted through traditional vinification, the Syrah grapes are carefully handled, macerating on the skins for 12/14 days at a controlled temperature of 22/24°C in stainless steel tanks. This process extracts the grape’s deep flavors and vibrant aromas.

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