Andrea Barbieri Collection

6 x Spotlight- Andrea Barbieri Collection


Tell me about this winemaker….

Andrea Barbieri is one of our most exciting wine markers. Just 28 years old, having made wine for only two short years, he is, in our opinion, the next big thing in natural wine. Wines that transport you to the mountains and fill your soul with joy, a taste that is so extraordinary, so sublime, you’ll wonder how he and his mother do it on such a small scale out of his garage. Made on volume of less than 800 per label, to as little as 250 bottles for the “Dria”, these wines are a gift.

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What Does This Box Include?

Etienne 2021- 100% Muller Thurgau

Muller Thurgau is a stunning white wine at the best of times, but you leave those grape skins on, and magic happens, heightening the perfumes and taste to become a wine that is a true exploration of the grape and of the terroir. A true representation of the cold but sunny climate and the high altitude landscape makes this wine crisp, fresh yet deep and complex.

Dria 2022- 100% Petit Arvine

This wine takes orange wine and supercharges it. Not sour, insipid and young, this orange wine is woody and smooth, brioche and whiskey, a burst of honey and florals, defies words and our misconceptions that orange wine can’t be full, sophisticated and provoke deep conversation.

Eletra 2022- Charonney, Moscato Bianco & Pinot Grigio

An homage to his mother Eletra, this orange wine is vibrant yet chic. Full of vanilla, honey, it’s like panettone in wine format, everything you’d expect from all the grapes separately, merged into one wine that transports you to the mountains. This is a legacy wine in the making.

Enfant Terrible 2022- 100% Pinot Grigio

Another incredible orange wine from Andrea Barbieri, it’s turbo-charged Pinot Grigio, instead of lively exotic fruit, it’s stewed exotic fruits, mango and papaya, pineapple and passion fruit with intense flavour and deep sugars that are simply irresistible. Balanced with deep bourbon notes, this is another cracker of a wine!

Andrea Barbieri – EREMO 2021 – Petit Rouge, Gamay, Grenache

His 2021 Eremo best represents Andrea and the drinkable art he creates. If it’s possible the Eremo 2021 is even richer & robust than the 2020 vintage but yet more well-rounded and complete. Andrea continues to innovate with his wines and that is what makes this wine so exciting, you can pick up a bottle and own a little piece of his history and experimentation on how the ancient wines of the Aosta Valley are transforming.

Andrea Barbieri – 945 2021 – Fumin, Cornalin, Petit Rouge

A true meeting of cultures between French and Italian styles, with native grapes from the Aosta Valley and France, made in a French style making the wine robust, strong & complex, yet with an Italian flare, this wine is impossibly smooth and a absolute pleasure to drink. With notes of wild forest berries on the nose, turning into deep tobacco, rich cherries and plums on the palate. This is a skin-contact red wine which offers an added depth which fills your mouth with flavour and fills your soul with joy.

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