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In Sicily, you’ll find vineyards nestled amidst fragrant orange blossoms and almond trees. The vines, lovingly tended by generations of winemakers, are graced by the Mediterranean breeze and bathed in the golden Sicilian sun. These vines bear witness to the island’s rich history and diverse culture, making every bottle a testament to time-honoured traditions and the enduring spirit of Sicily.

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What Does This Box Include?

Ballasanti- Il Temerario DOCG

Ballasanti’s Il Temerario is a wine of bold ambition and daring spirit. Crafted from robust Sicilian grapes, it offers a complex profile of dark cherries, spices, and a touch of tobacco. This wine is an ode to Sicily’s fearless winemakers who embrace the challenge of crafting exceptional wines

Ballasanti- Il Sublime Etna Rosso DOCG

Made from carefully selected grapes, it presents a symphony of red fruit flavors, subtle floral notes, and a hint of vanilla. This wine is an invitation to indulge in Sicily’s refined elegance, making it a perfect companion for fine dining, special celebrations, or romantic evenings.

Ballasanti- Il Tenace Etna Bianco DOCG

rafted from indigenous Sicilian grapes, it offers a bouquet of plums and nectarines, hints of spice, and a touch of oak. This wine embodies the spirit of Sicilian resilience, making it an excellent choice for hearty dishes, grilled meats, or evenings by the fireplace.

Elio’s- Modus Bibendi Grillo

This wine’s crisp acidity and vibrant character make it the perfect companion for seafood, fresh salads, or leisurely sipping on warm afternoons. With every sip, you’ll taste the Sicilian sunshine, making Elios Grillo an irresistible choice for those seeking a taste of Sicily’s natural beauty.

Elio’s- Modus Bibendi- Nero d’Avola

Each sip is a voyage through the island’s storied vineyards, where history and tradition intertwine. This wine is the perfect partner for hearty Italian dishes, grilled meats, or aged cheeses. Let Elios Nero d’Avola transport you to the heart of Sicily’s sun-drenched landscapes.

Judeka-Baglio Delle Fate- Insolia Terre Siciliane

rafted from the Insolia grape, this wine offers a refined and aromatic experience. With traditional vinification, the Insolia grapes are carefully handled, preserving their delicate flavours and floral notes. The result is a wine that embodies the essence of Sicilian charm, making it a perfect companion for elegant dining and special occasions.

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