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Tell me about this region….

By far the tiniest producer of wine in Italy, the region of Aosta Valley sits right on the border of France and Switzerland and is surrounded by the four highest mountain peaks in the “Rome of the Alps” – Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and the Gran Paradiso. With terrain entirely covered in centuries-old and indigenous varieties of grapes, it flies particularly quietly under the radar for a place that has so much to offer in terms of culture, scenery, and of course, wine and food. And despite its handy geographical location, wine lovers are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what thirst-quenching delicacies it holds within its confines.

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What Does This Box Include?

Cave Mont Blanc – Blanc De Morgex – Blanc Du Blanc Brut 2019

With a stunning straw-like yellow colour, it looks like sunshine and tastes like a snow-capped mountain, full of freshness, yet confident it its flavour profile. This is a wine not to be reserved for celebrations but actually used to commemorate life’s little joys.

Grosjean – Vallée D’Aoste DOC – Gamay

Gamay really only gets the kudos it deserves when we see red wines like Beaujolais, but Gamay has so much more to offer than simply the lovely wines made in the Beaujolais region of France. Gamay grows in abundance in Switzerland (another neighbour to the Aosta Valley) and the Aosta Valley itself. The ample sunshine and high-altitude vines of the Grosjean vineyard create a Gamay that’s a fresh and crisp as mountain air and tastes like blueberries.

Grosjean – Vallée D’Aosta DOC Chardonnay 2021

An absolutely gorgeous example of Chardonnay that’s a white for those who love white wines with character. She’s a strong independent Chardonnay, certainly not a wallflower. This Grosjean Chardonnay is woody, with notes of vanilla while remaining floral with hints of caramelised pears. Expect an intense colour and big flavours.

Noussan – Vino Atto A Valle D’Aosta – Torrette Superiore DOC 2019

Torrette isn’t just for winter; it’s a red with a medium body and lot’s of personality but easy to sip over good conversation. This Torrette is a ‘Superiore’ which means a longer ageing, premium grape selection for a smoother flavour profile. Tastes like jam, cherry and a little spice; it’s a must-try.

Noussan – Vino Atto A Valle D’Aosta – Rosé 2021

This rose is dry and sharp and is a great afternoon tipple, ideally to be accompanied by storytelling and catching up with friends. Dare we say, if you were to try something a little unusual with this gorgeous rose, try dipping a biscotto into it, with the sharp flavours of the wine with the delicate sweetness of an Italian biscuit creating a match made in heaven.

Cave Mont Blanc – Blanc de Morgex – Glacier Pas Dosé 2019

The wine transports you atop a Glacier, tasting refined & elegant, without the price tag. The colour is stunning, almost green with notes of crisp apple and almond on the nose, but well-rounded on the palate with a taste of figs and citrus.

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