I’m Angelica and I’m the founder of The Italian Wine Shop. I’m a British Italian lass from Yorkshire with a passion for wine, and an ex-professional snowboarder, of all things. I started this company to offer wines with a genuine story that fill your heart with joy and inspires memory-making. That’s the headline, I guess.

I have always been entrepreneurial, thanks to my Father. However, through the C***d period, I really struggled to find work that inspired me. I thrive in marketing, working in strategic roles, which means job satisfaction is inherent in what I do. But I was thrown into a precarious job market, and prioritised getting back into work, rather than taking this as a precious opportunity to do some self-searching & reflection. 

I realised I had drifted so far from the person I used to be, forced to overcorrect from my carefree, adventurous, snowboarding self, that I’d become an almost machine-like, soulless, lifeless corporate clone of myself. I had lost my connection to my beloved Italy, my heritage, and my passions. 

I realised I must seek to return to my roots again. By roots, I mean my Italian heritage and the risk-taking, self-assuredness I felt I’d lost. So, by this point, I knew something radical needed to change – but I hadn’t had my brilliant idea….yet. 

It wasn’t too long until the idea came to me, much in the same way that most great start-up ideas are born – seeing a gap in a market that you are involved in, or buy into. So, on a trip to a certain large Italian supermarket in London, which boasts the most extensive collection of Italian wines available in the UK, I had my epiphany. I went with four wines in mind; I’d wanted a Blanc De Morgex, a Blanc De Morgex Spumante, a Torrette (from the Valle d’Aosta) and a Marzemino (from Trentino). 

All of these wines are significant to me, and my life. They are evocative of memories and experiences, they remind me of how I felt while there- the smells, the food, the people… that’s the point, right ? Wine is so much more than an alcoholic beverage – its love, soul, romance, community, food – but most importantly time spent with family & friends, in enchanting places.

First, I searched for a bottle of Blanc De Morgex, as that’s what we drank in a charming little restaurant in Courmayeur with my family, over fondue. Next, I sought a bottle of Torrette, reminding me of times spent with friends at side of the slopes in Cervinia during my numerous winter seasons there. This wine was fruity and exciting, and went hand-in-hand with all the laughs and stories told by friends at Apres Ski. 

Then finally, the Marzemino – this wine was a secret I shared with my colleagues while living in Lake Garda during a few blissful summers. It was the wine I drank on balmy summers nights by the calm waters of the lake, cool breeze gently caressing my skin, I was young and so full of life, my entire future ahead of me, living in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world, drinking a wine that was smooth, light and youthful, as I was. For me it was the taste of nostalgia. Just a sip of these wines could propel me right back to those memories, allowing me to relive them.

So I marched confidently over to the wine cellar in that unnamed store and searched for the Aosta Valley section. I struggled because, as it turned out, there were only a shelf, or two. I then looked for the Trentino selection, and the same thing happened. Annoyingly, the variety of wines they had from more well known regions, while extensive, were the same predictable wines I see everywhere here in the UK. It started me thinking – not only is this collection limited and has absolutely no lesser-known wines, but also they’re the same wine types available literally everywhere. Haven’t we all yet had enough of Chianti ?

These are the same wines you see in every “speciality wine shop” and on every Italian restaurant menu, even the menus of restaurants that pride themselves on actually being run by Italians, offering an authentic Italian experience. So I ask, is this because that’s all the UK clientele want? Or, is it simply that no smaller producers with unique blends are available here ? I know that British people love Italian wine, so why not challenge their taste buds & perceptions just a little ?

While it seemed the seeds of inspiration had been sown (no doubt while muttering to myself, looking slightly feral !), in a empty wine cellar in Central London at 10 am on a Wednesday, I find an employee to help. 

I kicked off asking for the Marzemino, of which he passive-aggressively implied I had made up, that this wine didn’t exist, or, I was simply saying it wrong – great start ! I then showed him the label, and he promptly brushed me off and said they didn’t have it, either way. Next, I tried the Blanc De Morgex, he tried again the same trick of implying I was some fantastical woman who makes up non-existent wines just for fun. Then, as we walked to the till and talked about how limited their collection of wines was from many of Italy’s most northern regions, we walked past a bottle of Blanc De Morgex Spumante, in a stroke of pure luck ! The staff member didn’t even know they had it… & these guys profess to be wine experts I thought ! However, they not only brushed me off, but also didn’t seem to take any pride in their products. 

I often talk to my sister about our younger days in hospitality, and how much pride we took in our craft, how we’d ensured we were experts in what we were selling or offering, and if we didn’t know, we wouldn’t simply make it up, we’d promise to find the information from someone who did. We wanted to share knowledge and recommendations with our customers; but the gentleman at this store sadly didn’t seem to view his service the same way. ‘Knowing your stuff’ is so essential when it comes to luxury goods, like wine.

Then, in a cosy coffee shop in Shoreditch, I finally put pen to paper and began the next chapter of my life. The Italian Wine Shop was born; the desire to bring diverse, stunning, small-batch production Italian wines to the UK market, while selling the experiences, memories, and feelings when uncorking a fabulous bottle of something delicious. 

If you’re wondering who that lass is next to me in a lot of the pictures, that’s my sister, Daniella. Not only is she my favourite person to drink wine with, but she’ll also make sure you have a great experience with us. My father, Paul, the silver fox on our socials, he’s my MD, ensuring your wine arrives smoothly and the stunning Sophia Loren look-a-like you’ll see around on the social too is my mother, Stella, our accountant; she’ll make sure your purchases are quick and easy. It’s a real family affair, but in addition to us, we also have some other wonderful people helping us create a wine legacy.


The Italian Wine Shop Ltd is a speciality Italian wine e-commerce store and lifestyle brand. We are experts in small-batch production Italian wines from all four corners of the country. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality wines with a story behind them. Experience wine that tastes unmistakably Italian and feels quintessentially refined. The Italian Wine Shop provides you with the wines to enjoy with friends and family that evoke feelings that create true and lasting memories of Italy. 

Become part of the Italian Wine Shop community, learn more about the history of our wine partners, discover wine etiquette and explore how to enjoy wine as the Italians do. In addition, gain access to our wine lovers’ events. In short – a home for Italian wine lovers.


I’m pledging here and now that ensuring you have a wonderful buying experience with us is our absolute goal, and bringing you the best and most exclusive quaffing wines you’ll find anywhere in the UK, that aren’t extortionately expensive.

I’m an open book and so is The Italian Wine Shop, so email us on, anytime. My sincere hope is that when you buy wine from us, you know our suppliers are getting the best price in order to continue preserving their art of good winemaking, and that you’ll be genuinely excited to receive your order, feeling like you know the people that made it. I can tell you from meeting our suppliers personally, they are ecstatic to have you try them.