Welcome to The Italian Wine Shop. We sell wine from Italy, but we believe it goes deeper than that, so if you’ve got a second, we’ll tell you why. If not, click below to shop now, but if you’re still reading, do you remember the last time you went to Italy ?

After a long travel day, you arrive at the hotel, hot and irritated, and you finally get to sit down; it’s late, and all you want is a glass of wine and some food. You ask the waiter for “something local”, and when the wine arrives, and finally, that hallowed sweet beverage hits your lips, you think, “finally, I’m on holiday”. You spend the rest of the time in Italy making memories and drinking that local wine. When you land back in the UK, you search for that wine but to no avail, only to think to yourself, “hey, I never noticed this before, but every wine list, every wine store, even the speciality shops or websites, serve the same wines”.


You yearn for that wine from that trip because there is so much love, memory and feeling attached to that wine. Well, we sell that wine. We sell the wines that locals drink, some wines you’ve heard of, and some we’re almost sure you’ll have never experienced. Still, we guarantee that once you’ve tried our wines from small producers from all over Italy, you’ll be reminded of that “je ne sais quoi” that makes Italy and its wine production so incredible.

Now if by some miracle you’re still reading because we have captured your imagination…. let us tell you that we personally hand-select all our producers. We work directly with them, we import our own wine, and we only work with vineyards with small production volumes. So much so, some of our vineyards don’t even sell outside their own village, and thus, are UK exclusives. Some are first-time winemakers, and you can buy their very first vintage, or, they are producing wines with a little touch of magic.

Affordable everyday luxury, quaffable wines for life’s little events, friends over for dinner, family occasions, or simply that it’s Friday and 5pm somewhere. Every month we’ll visit a new region in Italy and explore the vineyards together so you can take a journey from top to tail of Italy along with us. Always drink responsibly – but most importantly, enjoy our Italian wines.


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Welcome to Sicily Month on The Italian Wine Shop, where every bottle is an invitation to embark on a sensory journey through Italy’s most enchanting landscapes. This month, we invite you to immerse yourself in the sun-kissed realm of Sicilian wines, where ancient vines weave stories of abundance, biodiversity, sustainability and the sweet allure of “la dolce vita.”

Sicily, the jewel of the Mediterranean, is a canvas painted with lush greenery and kissed by the azure waves of the sea. Here, the magic of nature comes alive in every sip of wine. Picture sprawling vineyards surrounded by citrus groves, olive orchards, and aromatic herbs. The abundant flora and fauna of the island create a symphony of scents and flavours that dance harmoniously in your glass.

In Sicily, you’ll find vineyards nestled amidst fragrant orange blossoms and almond trees. The vines, lovingly tended by generations of winemakers, are graced by the Mediterranean breeze and bathed in the golden Sicilian sun. These vines bear witness to the island’s rich history and diverse culture, making every bottle a testament to time-honoured traditions and the enduring spirit of Sicily.

So, pour yourself a glass, close your eyes, and let the flavors of Sicily transport you to a place where life is sweet, the wine flows freely, and every moment is a celebration. Discover the magic of Sicilian wines with us and experience the true essence of “la dolce vita.”

Begin your Sicilian adventure today and let the vines of Sicily weave their enchantment into your soul.

Salute! 🍷


Judeka- Solitario Spumante 2022
Musita- Tariq- Merlot
Judeka- Nero d’Avola- DOC


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